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SIGNAL Magazine

The home page of SIGNAL magazine can be found at

SIGNAL is the monthly magazine of the 35,000 members of AFCEA. It is a glossy 100+ page publication which deals with current major technological, operational and project topics relating to the Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence requirements of Defence and Government agencies in the free world. It also carries news of senior personnel appointments in government and industry, contract awards and policy decisions. Finally, as a members' magazine it presents news of the activities of the member chapters around the world and the academic trusts and scholarship programmes.

As a high technology monitor, SIGNAL tracks science and technology in clear, concise, crisp articles that link readers to the dynamics of research and development.

Special Reports complement monthly themes to provide in-depth coverage of the most popular topics in the information systems industry. Issue size ranges from 96 pages in a standard monthly issue to more than 275 pages in the January Source Book Directory. A typical magazine includes 12 to 15 feature articles and several columns.

  • NewsNet brings readers up to date on topics such as business, space, global, government and military.

  • DataLink features important contract awards

  • InfoQuest informs readers about new products and publications on the market.

  • Internet works provides the latest hot Internet sites

SIGNAL entertains and informs its readers with a news-feature style of writing. The mission is to maintain credibility and integrity: telling it as it is, factual reporting, warts and all. The magazine does not seek to be sensational, but it doesn't shy away from such topics either. SIGNAL stresses accuracy, clarity and factual reporting. The magazine is not politically aligned and does not have an ax to grind. It takes no position in supporting an organization or product, presenting all sides of an argument. In survey after survey, readers find SIGNAL an important resource:

  • 99 percent rate SIGNAL as a valuable service

  • 95 percent find SIGNAL informative

  • 88 percent find SIGNAL easy to read

  • 88 percent find SIGNAL current with technical advances

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