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Corporate Members:

A list and a brief descriptions of AFCEA TURKIYE’s current Corporate Members are provided below. (In alphabetical order) 

  • STM


General Manager & CEO: Mr. Faik EKEN

Point of Contact: Mrs. Esra ERKAN
Tel: +90 312 592 1574
Fax: +90 312 354 1679

ASELSAN A.S. is the leading multi-product electronics company of Turkey that operates in the fields of the design, development, production, system integration, and after-sales services of modern electronic systems for military and professional customers.

 According to the field of activities ASELSAN has been organized in five main sectors: Communications and Information Technologies Sector, Defense System Technologies Sector, Microelectronics, Guidance and Electro-Optics Sector, Radar, Electronic Warfare and Intellegence Systems Sector and, Transportaion, Security, Energy and Automation Systems Sector.

Electronics Valley

President & CEO: Mr. Serdar ERKOCA

Point of Contact: Mr. Arif Emre ERKOCA    
Tel: +90 312 417 7653
Fax: +90 312 418 0484

ELECTRONICS VALLEY (EV) is a professional platform founded in 2006, with an intent to create a communication channel for a wide spectrum of industries specialized in aviation, aerospace and defense technologies throughout the globe. EV is devoted to knowledge sharing through networking, learning and developing partnerships. Having an ultimate goal of "Becoming an indispensable Knowledge Hub", EV has been organizing very significant and popular technology events in the fields of aviation, avionics and defense industry technologies since 2007. These events have grown richer both in scope and content, bringing together all key players from public and private sectors, and creating synergy among international organizations. EV offers multitude of services for its members, sponsors, supporters and followers.

Türkiye Country Manager & POC: Mr. M.Emin HALITLIGIL
Tel: +90 312 295 6327


LUCIAD provides software solutions for building state of the art Situational Awareness systems.  Already active in the Turkish defence and aerospace sectors for many years Luciad maintains ongoing close technical relationships with all the major Turkish system integrators and military commands.  We enable Turkish developed and supported systems to be at the heart of the Turkish military.  The LUCIAD innovative, principled approach and dedication to total customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation for cutting edge excellence worldwide and has been repeatedly recognised in Turkey.

LUCIAD's real-time situational awareness geospatial software components are known for their flexibility, high performance and accuracy. They play an invaluable role in safety, aviation, military and transport industries within Turkey.

General Manager & CEO: Mr. Davut YILMAZ

Point of Contact: Mr. Alpay ZEYBEK
Tel: +90 312 266 3550
Fax: +90 312 266 3551

STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.S. was established in 1991 by the decree of the Defence Industry Executive Committee to provide system engineering, technical support, project management, technology transfer and logistics support services for Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM).

Our mission is to produce sustainable solutions and structures that meet the requirements of the public and private sectors and focus on Turkey’s goals on a global scale. Our vision is to be a competitive company that offers quality and technology-oriented products and services on a national, regional and global scale in selected areas while respecting social values and the environment.

President & CEO: Mr. Yalçın ONYURU

Point of Contact:  Mr. Seyfettin SUNGER
Tel: 90 312 284 34 34
Fax: 90 312 284 89 54

TARGET A.S. was founded 40 years ago to serve our country’s needs with the latest and most advanced technology available. We are fully committed to ITAR standards and we mean it. Since its inception, Target A.S. has managed to step ahead of others as one of the leading pioneers in the Turkish Defense Industry in cooperation around 40 business partners, both local and international, some of which are ranked among the Fortune 500. These partnerships have been with leaders in their field, establishing customer confidence by providing dependable service whenever required. Our operations in the defense industry cover consultancy services to corporate giants, along with supplying military-grade raw materials, the latest military technology, systems and hardware. In addition to providing many other services for our customers, we produce and install various military exercise systems.

Over the years since its founding, Target A.S. has grown into a group of four companies operating in the defense, shooting, engineering and energy sectors in Turkey, employing close to 20 people and occupying more than 1,000 square meters of office space as well as subsidiaries as engineering Laboratories and R&D facilities.

Previous Corporate Members:

A list of AFCEA TURKIYE’s previous corporate members is provided below. (In alphabetical order) 


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